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In Honor of Mental Health Day

After the birth of our middle son, Hudson, I dealt with postpartum depression. Logically, it made no sense - he was the absolute sweetest, snuggliest baby there ever was. He was also such an easy baby - a great sleeper and eater from the start, and did I mention so very sweet? Being my second… Continue reading In Honor of Mental Health Day


Lessons From a Recovering People-Pleaser

Growing up, I was your typical good girl. I worked hard to make good grades. Never talked back. Constantly tried to find ways to help. Even if I didn’t like something, I’d say I did anyway so as to not hurt anyone’s feelings. Here’s the thing, friends - as Christians, we often put this pressure… Continue reading Lessons From a Recovering People-Pleaser

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On the Edge of the Promised Land

At the urging of my friend, Cassie, back in January I committed to read the Bible chronologically throughout this year. It's important at this point to confess a little something: I'm not very disciplined. At all. With the exception of my commitment to the Lord, my family, and friends, I'm kind of a quitter. Don't… Continue reading On the Edge of the Promised Land

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Scars Don’t Fade {and why that’s a good thing}

We've been in our new home for a little over a month, and there is no doubt that this has been the easiest transition I've ever had to make. Similar to marrying Brian and giving birth to each of our boys, this has felt like the most natural thing ever. Like I was made for… Continue reading Scars Don’t Fade {and why that’s a good thing}


A Letter to Our Oldest, the (Almost) Graduate

Yesterday your graduation announcements arrived, and it all finally became real. I'm trying so hard to be cool about all this... to trust that it's time. That you are ready. That I am ready. That your dad and brothers are ready. And while I know that you indeed are ready for this, I know I… Continue reading A Letter to Our Oldest, the (Almost) Graduate

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Our Story {A New Chapter… or Book}

Soon after my basement revelation, Brian had a conversation with an old acquaintance... someone he had met during our early days in ministry. This man had an outdoor men's ministry and Brian had invited him to lead a men's event at our church in Texas. He liked him so much that he invited him to… Continue reading Our Story {A New Chapter… or Book}

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Our Story {the Ozarks Chapter Continued}

One Sunday in early September we were in church and I remember looking over at Brian and realizing how much of a toll the previous couple years had taken on him. He was so good at embracing where he was, but I knew. I knew how tough the past couple years had been on him… Continue reading Our Story {the Ozarks Chapter Continued}

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Our Story {the Ozarks Chapter}

A little over two years ago our lives were changed fairly dramatically and with very little warning. I have held this part of our story pretty close for a few reasons - mostly, because I feel incredibly vulnerable sharing it publicly. Ministry is both hard and beautiful, often at the same time, but if there's… Continue reading Our Story {the Ozarks Chapter}